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Le Maosheng
2003-12-15 15:54:00   COC Website  


Name: Le Maosheng
Gender: M
Date of birth: 09/08/78
Place of birth: Ningyuan County, Hunan Province
Height: 163cm
Weight: 63kg
Status: Athlete
Education: University
Hobby: Handwriting
Registered with: Hunan
Sport: Weightlifting
Personal best: 2002 Asian Games - 1st 62kg C&J/total (Best total: 325kg)

Sports career:
1989 Lifter, Hunan Provincial Weightlifting Team/Hunan Provincial Institute of Sports Technique
09/1997 National Team
High performances:
1997 National Games - 1st 59kg total
1998 Asian Games - 1st 59kg total
1999 World Championships - 1st 62kg C&J/total
2000 Asian Championships - 1st 62kg C&J
2000 Olympic Games - 4th 62kg total
2001 National Games - 2nd 62kg total
2002 National Championships - 1st 62kg total
2002 Asian Games - 1st 62kg total
2002 World Championships - 1st 62kg snatch; 2nd total; 3rd C&J
2003 World Championships - 4th 62kg total
2004 Olympic Games - 2nd 62kg snatch/C&J/total
1999 World Championships - 62kg C&J, 180.5kg (WR)
2002 Asian Games - 62kg C&J, 182.5kg (WR)

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