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World records set/surpassed by Chinese athletes in 2007

2008-06-19 10:58:00 COC

Event                                Result      Name       Tournament                                Date      Place

Women's air rifle team, 1196, Zhao Yinghui, Du Li, Wu Liuxi Asian Championships Dec.9 Kuwait
Women's skeet team, 214, Yu Xiumin, Wei Ning, Zhang Shan Asian Championships Dec.9 Cyprus

58kg clean and jerk, 141, Qiu Hongmei Asian Championships Apr.23 China
53kg clean and jerk, 129, Li Ping Asian Championships Apr.22 China
48kg clean and jerk, 120, Chen Xiexia Asian Championships Apr.23 China
63kg total, 257, Liu Haixia World Championships Sept.24 Thailand
+75kg total, 319, Mu Shuangshuang World Championships Sept.26 Thailand

Short-track speed skating
Women's 500m, 43.326, Wang Meng World Cup Dec.1 Italy

Women's speed rock climbing, 12.9, Asian Indoor Games Oct.30 Macao
Men's speed rock climbing, 8.76, Rock Climbing

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