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Beijing 2008 Olympic Marketing Plan Overview

    With the eyes of the world turned toward Beijing, China's capital was awarded the right to host the 2008 Olympic Games on July 13, 2001 in Moscow. People will remember this historic moment and a new page will be written in the Olympic history.

    The celebration extended to all the Chinese who live abroad, uniting them with their homeland Through the Games, China and the world will be bound closer together than ever.

    Looking ahead to 2008, it is clear that the opportunities are vast. In staging a most memorable Games in history, the Beijing Organizing Committee (BOCOG) will provide its corporate partners with an opportunity to invite the world in and introduce China to the world.

    A poll conducted by the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Bid Committee showed that 94.6% of the Chinese people supported the bid. This huge good will and enthusiastic support of the Games will translate into exceptionally high levels of recognition and support across the country for those companies who sponsor the Games.

    For international entities looking to expand into the thriving Chinese market place, a partnership with the 2008 Olympic Games will deliver a powerful business opportunity for growth, and product/service showcasing while serving to strengthen and build ties of friendship throughout China.

    For Chinese firms, the Olympic Games provide an honorable opportunity to enhance their image and demonstrate their strengths in key technologies, products and services while gaining recognition for their commitment to China's national quest for professional excellence in all realms of business.

    The journey begins here. It is a journey toward unbounded opportunities, toward the most dynamic economy and most promising marketplace in the world.

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