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The China Wushu Research Institute

2003-11-27 10:53:00 COC Website

    Located in the northwestern district of Beijing, the China Wushu Research Institute was founded on March 31, 1986. An authoritative organization, it has as its aim the research, popularization and advancement of Chinese wushu.

    Wushu is a highly-treasured cultural heritage of China, which has been enriched down through the ages. It is most efficacious in building up one's health and is also a good means of self-defence.

    The institute has under it departments for teaching and training, theoretical research, study of qigong (breathing exercises), and the collation and editing of materials, all under the charge of competent and experienced personages in the wushu circles.

    An important part of the institute's work is to introduce and spread Chinese wushu among millions of fans across the world. For this purpose, the institute has conducted a number of international wushu seminars, which include courses for beginners and for studying traditional routines. Instructions have been given on a whole spectrum of wushu events, such as Chinese boxing of the Shaolin and other schools, combat exercises with short and long weapons (including sword, rapier, spear and cudgel), taijiquan, xingyiquan (form-and-will shadow boxing) and baguazhang (eight-diagram shadow boxing).

    For devotees of taijiquan, which is now quite popular at home and abroad, the institute has sponsored advanced training classes in which they can improve the standard with the help of experts. Increasing attention is being paid to the study of free combat, which is distinguished for its unique attacking, and defensive tactics such as those used in life-and-death combats in the old days. The institute's concern is how to adapt these skills and make free combat a competitive sport loved and practised by the wushu community at large.

    Specialists in the theoretical research department have also worked hard on a history of Chinese wushu, which turned out to be a major success resulting from years of painstaking research.

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