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6th Asian Summer Games: Bangkok 1970

2004-03-27 12:38:00 COC Website

South Korea was originally given the privilege of hosting the 6th Asian Games. However, due to various political and financial factors, South Korea decided that it was not able to honor its commitment, 16 months after the 5th Games. For a brief moment, fate of the Asian Games looked bleak.

However, with excitement of the previous Games still kindling in Thais, Bangkok came in to rescue the Asian Games Movement by hosting two Asian Games in sequence. Most of the venues from the last Games were re-used and yachting events were introduced for the first time.

The Games featured 13 sports and attracted 1,752 participants from 18 countries/NOCs. In the medal tally, Japanese excelled others with 144, South Korea 54 and Thailand 29. The Games were long remembered for its friendly and informal atmosphere. 

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