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3rd Asian Winter Games: Harbin 1996

2004-03-27 12:25:00 COC Website

Date: 04-11 February 1996 
Host City: Harbin 
Country: China 
NOCs Participating: 18
Athletes: 453
Disciplines: 9
Events: 43 

Democratic People's Republic of Korea was not able to honour its commitment as the host of the 3rd Asian Winter Games. Instead, Harbin, a northern city of China, was given an opportunity to host the Games on February 4-11, 1996.

Big leap in number of participating countries/NOCs and regions, 17 in total, along with more than 700 participants provided enough proof that the Winter Asian Games had become an international event of high calibre 10 years after its conception.

China, the host country, ranked in most of the medals followed by Kazakhstan.

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