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4th Asian Winter Games: Kangwon 1999

2004-03-27 12:54:00 COC Website

Date: 30 January-06 February 1999
Host City: Kangwon 
Country: Korea 
NOCs Participating: 21
Athletes: 799
Disciplines: 7
Events: 43

Northern province of South Korea Kangwon was the stage of the 4th Asian Games on January 30-February 6, 1999. The number of events was the same as the last one, but free style skiing was dropped at this time. Although the region was experiencing record low snow fall, alpine skiing events were held without a glitch thanks to selfless and admirable efforts of the Local Organizing Committee.

In medal tally, China maintained her supremacy with South Korea, Japan and Kazakhstan following in this order. Hong Kong China made its first appearance under this new name. 

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