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First National Minority Nationalities Traditional Sports Games

2004-03-27 14:38:00 COC Website

Date: November 8-12, 1953
Host city: Tianjin
Athletes: 395
Nationalities: 13
Delegations: 9

Competitive sports: weightlifting, boxing, wrestling, archery, etc.

Demonstration events: 414 [wushu (with cudgel or weapons), stone barbell, stone dumbbell, bow and arrow, pellet or shot, pole climbing, somersaults, pyramid, rope skipping, equestrian skills, etc.]

Special performances: polo, bok (Mongolian-style wrestling), lion dance, acrobatics, dawarz (Uygur-style tight-rope walking), Korean-style springboard jumping, Hui-style wushu, Inner Mongolian-style equestrian skills, etc. 

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