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Second National Minority Nationalities Traditional Sports Games

2004-03-27 14:39:00 COC Website

Date: September 2-8, 1982
Host city: Hohhot, capital of the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region
Participants: 863
Athletes: 593
Nationalities: 56
Delegations: 29

Competitive sports: archery, Chinese-style wrestling

Demonstration events: 68 [Thai-style peacock boxing, Bai-style rattle stick dance, Naxi-style dongba dance, Yi-style axi dancing under the moon, Gaoshan-style basketball, Hui-style bull fighting, Tibetan-style whistling archery, Tu-style wheel swing, Korean-style swinging, Li-style jumping over bamboos, Zhuang-style lion dance, Uygur-style tight-rope walking, Tajik-style lamb scrambling, Kazaj-style silver coins-picking on horseback, Mongolian-style camel racing and horse racing, etc.  

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