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2nd National Games: Beijing 1965

2004-03-27 14:18:00 COC

     The Second National Games were held in Beijing on September 11-28, 1965.That was the time when the national economy was taking a turn for the better after the Chinese people had overcome the difficulties brought about by three years (1959-61) of natural calamities and the withdrawal of economic aid by the former Soviet Union.

    State leaders Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De and Deng Xiaoping were present at the opening ceremony.

    The 18- day inclusive Games drew 5,922 athletes of 28 nationalities in 29 teams from all over China. They participated in 22 competitive and one demonstration events.

    As a result of the general improvement of standard, competition was keen in all the events. Twenty-four contestants broke nine world records in weightlifting, archery, shooting and parachuting; while 330 athletes set 130 new national records on 469 occasions in numerous events including track and field, swimming, weightlifting, archery, shooting and track cycling.

    Most of the competitors were young enthusiasts who had come to the fore after the popularization of sports in the past few years.

    Though they still lacked the experience and skill that would make them champions, they were already a force to be reckoned with.

    Athletes of the 27 minority nationalities from various parts of the country, who competed in all the events except diving and badminton, gave a good showing. In the competitions in different styles of wrestling, in particular, wrestlers of the Mongolian, Uygur, Kazak, Korean and Hui nationalities accounted for a large number of the winners. In the archery events, the top six finishers also included contestants of the Mongolian, Tibetan, Lhoba and Tujia nationalities.

    A distinctive feature at the Second National Games was that many athletes had made rapid and remarkable progress in only a short time. The general improvement in the national sports level was a direct result of the popularization of sports among the people throughout the country.

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