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Summer Olympics: Mexico 1968
2004-03-31 10:26:00    


The series of posters for these Games came from the collaboration of three artists: Pedro Ramirez Vazquez, architect and President of the Organising Committee for the Games, Eduardo Terrazas (MEX) and Lance Wyman (USA) who designed the "Mexico 68" logo. They then developed it to create the black and white poster, which recalls the patterns of the Huichole Indians. Some 25,000 copies of the poster presented here were produced in one of the following colours: blue, red, yellow, green or black.
A total of 1,591,000 posters were produced on the following themes :
-18 sports posters: 287,000 copies
-19 cultural posters: 190,500 copies
- 99 posters of various topics : 1,114,000 copies

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