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Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports of Chad in Beijing

2008-08-14 13:52:00 COC Website

(Beijing, August 13) Hu Jiayan, Deputy Director of General Administration of Sport of China (GASC), met this morning with the party of Djibert Younous, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports of Chad, and held friendly talks with them.

Hu extended her warm welcome to Younous, and wished the Chadian delegation good results at the Beijing Olympics and a pleasant stay in Beijing. She said there had been good exchanges between China and Chad before their suspension, but they were renewed after a period of time, and hoped Sino-Chad exchanges would further develop in future, and the Beijing Olympics would promote the exchanges between athletes from the two countries, and the sports circles of the two countries. Also, Hu briefed the guests on the aim of the Chinese delegation at the Beijing Olympics.

Younous appreciated warm welcome from China, and felt honored to have been able to participate in the Beijing Olympics and pay a visit to China. He said the exchanges between China and Chad involved the Olympics and even the entire sports circles. We were pleased at the successful organization of the Beijing Olympics. In spite of the low sports standards of Chadian athletes and the slim chance of earning medals, every one of them was deeply impressed by the Beijing Olympics. As China has rich experience in sports development including physical education and sports facilities, he hoped that the Chinese and Chadian sports circles would strengthen cooperation and further develop sports exchanges between the two countries. Meanwhile, he officially invited Hu to visit Chad.

Hu thought that the two countries shared the same wishes in sports cooperation and exchange, and both took active part in them, and China was looking forward to further exchanges between the sports circles of the two countries. The two parties would consult with each other about the specific cooperation projects later. She wished Chad prosperity and constant development of its sports cause, saying that she was much willing to accept the invitation from Younous, and would pay a visit to Chad in a proper time.

After the meeting, the two parties exchanged presents. Sheng Zhiguo, Director of Sport for All Department of GASC; Sun Daguang, Director of International Sports Exchange Center of GASC; Idriss Dokong Adiker, Secretary-General of Chadian Olympic Committee; as well as officials with the Chadian embassy in China attended the meeting.

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