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Japan, Sweden NOCs sign partnership agreement

2014-10-21 09:10:00 OCA

(L-R) T. Aoki, T. Takeda, S. Lindeberg and G. Lindberg. © Aflo Sport

19 Oct 2014, Tokyo, Japan, October 10, 2014: In Tokyo, on 10 October, the Japanese and Swedish NOCs signed a partnership agreement. IOC member and Japanese NOC President Tsunekazu Takeda and Swedish NOC President Stefan Lindeberg signed the agreement.

Also in attendance were Japanese NOC Vice President and Secretary General Tsuyoshi Aoki, Senior Executive Board member Yasuo Saito, Swedish NOC Secretary General and IOC Executive Board member Gunilla Lindberg and CEO Peter Reinebov.

The agreement includes a programme of exchanges between the athletes, officials and coaches of the two NOCs, and an exchange of marketing knowledge and information.

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