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Liu Peng meets delegation led by Singapore Minister for Culture, Community and Youth

2015-04-20 13:36:00 COC

20 April 2015, Beijing - On 17 April 2015, Liu Peng, China's Minister in charge of the General Administration of Sport and President of the Chinese Olympic Committee (COC) met with a delegation led by Singapore Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Lawrence Wong in Beijing. The two sides exchanged ideas on issues such as nationwide fitness and competitive sports.

Liu first welcomed the delegation led by Wong. China and Singapore have cooperated in a wide range fields and yielded fruitful results since the establishment of the diplomatic ties, and the cooperation between the two countries is promising, he said. This has been attributable to prospective planning by leaders of both countries and both countries' efforts to constantly advance the development of undertakings based on respective advantages. Sports exchanges are an integral part of friendly cooperation between the two countries, and the two sports circles have maintained good exchanges and cooperation in diverse sports fields. China is willing to carry forward the two countries' glorious tradition and deep friendship with Singapore to further promote bilateral sports exchanges and cooperation, he added.

Wong said that Singapore's sports development has drawn close attention from Singaporean leaders. A lot of sports facilities have been built up in Singapore and community residents are encouraged to join sports. He expected the visit to further cement bilateral sports exchanges and cooperation, and to further promote the friendship between the two countries.

Present at the meeting were Song Luzeng, Director of the External Affairs Department of China's General Administration of Sport, and Secretary-General of COC.

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