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Yang Shu'an meets with Ukrainian Ambassador to China Oleg Dyomin

2015-05-29 14:00:00 COC

29 May 2015 - On 28 May 2015, Yang Shu'an, Vice Minister in charge of the General Administration of Sport (GASC) and Vice President of the Chinese Olympic Committee(COC) met with a delegation led by Ukrainian Ambassador to China Oleg Dyomin at GASC.

Yang welcomed Dyomin. Over the 20 years since the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Ukraine, bilateral friendly cooperation has been deepened constantly in a wide range of fields, the strategic partnership between the two countries has laid a solid foundation for bilateral sports exchanges and cooperation, and the two countries have been highly complementary in competitive sports, he said, expecting the two sides to deepen mutually-beneficially cooperation to jointly promote the sports level of the two countries, and to maintain communication and coordination in international sports affairs to jointly contribute to the development of Olympic sports.

Dyomin expressed his good wish for persistently promoting China-Ukraine friendship and further developing friendly sports contact between the two countries. The two sides also exchanged views on further cementing friendly cooperation.

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