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WADA Publishes New Technical Documents

2014-05-28 09:41:00 SportAccord

28 May 2014 - As part of WADA's ongoing efforts to enhance worldwide anti-doping activities under the World Anti-Doping Code (Code), WADA Technical Documents, which are mandatory complementary documents to the International Standard for Laboratories (ISL) and provide specific technical recommendations to WADA-accredited laboratories, undergo periodic revision to reflect recent scientific and technological advances in the performance of anti-doping tests and the reporting of test results. This process is carried out in consultation with WADA's stakeholders.

The Technical Document on Detection of Synthetic Forms of Endogenous Anabolic Androgenic Steroids by GC-C-IRMS (TD2014IRMS) has been produced by the WADA Laboratory Expert Group to replace the existing Guidelines on GC-C-IRMS analyses.

In addition, the TD2014IRMS complements the Technical Document on Measuring and Reporting of Endogenous Anabolic Androgenic Steroids, TD2014EAAS. The TD2014IRMS incorporates guidance to the analytical requirements, interpretation and reporting of GC-C-IRMS results as a confirmation procedure for the exogenous administration of EAAS.

In addition, the following Technical Documents have been recently revised by WADA’s Laboratory Expert Group:

1. Harmonization of Analysis and Reporting of Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agents (ESAs) by Electrophoretic Techniques (TD2014EPO)

2. Measuring and Reporting of Endogenous Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (TD2014EAAS v2.0)

3. Minimum Required Performance Levels for Detection and Identification of Non-Threshold Substances (TD2014MRPL)

4. Harmonization of Analysis and Reporting of 19-Norsteroids Related to Nandrolone (TD2014NA)

5. Decision Limits for the Confirmatory Quantification of Threshold Substances (TD2014DL)

The new TD2014IRMS and the revised versions of the five Technical Document mentioned above have been approved by the WADA Executive Committee at its meeting held in Montreal on May 17, 2014 and will become effective on September 1, 2014.

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