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WADA commits to collaborative focus ahead of 2015 Code introduction

2014-07-29 09:56:00 WADA

July 28, 2014 - WADA is pleased to announce that Tim Ricketts has been promoted to Director, Standards and Harmonization.

Ricketts, the former Anti-Doping Manager for the IRB, joined WADA as Deputy Director, Standards and Harmonization in 2013. He recently assumed his new role as Director following the departure of Rune Andersen.

Andersen left WADA after 12 years as Director, Standards and Harmonization to return to his native Norway where he now works as a Special Advisor for Anti-Doping Norway.

Meanwhile Rob Koehler, who has worked for WADA since 2002 and has been WADA’s Director, Education and Program Development for the last seven years, has had his mandate expanded to become Director, Education and NADO/RADO Relations.

Koehler and his team in the Education and NADO/RADO Relations department take over the full responsibility of the Education and Program Development, and, further, will include the liaison required to work more closely with NADOs.

The department’s new name reflects the increased emphasis on stakeholder collaboration at this crucial time in the lead up to the implementation of revised World Anti-Doping Code.

“This organization of responsibilities is part of WADA’s continued efforts to assist stakeholders with their anti-doping programs and, importantly, the implementation of the revised Code,” said WADA Director General David Howman.

“I am pleased to announce that the Education and NADO/RADO Relations Department will be led by Rob Koehler, and Standards and Harmonization by Tim Ricketts. Rob has been working closely with NADOs and RADOs for some time now, but the renaming of his department now expressly states that responsibility,” he added.

“Tim brings with him a great deal of international sport and anti-doping experience to the Standards and Harmonization team at this important time in the Code implementation process. Finally, I would like to put on record WADA’s appreciation to Rune Andersen for his excellent contribution to the anti-doping effort during his long service with us.”

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