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Athletes carry the baton for clean sport at Commonwealth Games

2014-08-04 09:52:00 WADA

August 1, 2014 - Athletes from around the Commonwealth have been carrying the clean sport message at WADA’s Glasgow 2014 Outreach booth since the Games began last week.

WADA’s team of six anti-doping proponents from anti-doping organizations including the Jamaican Anti-Doping Commission, Indian National Anti-Doping Agency, Sport Northern Ireland, and the Indian Ocean Regional Anti-Doping Organization have been interacting with athletes and their support personnel on a one-on-one basis, providing them with useful information on drug-free sport.

Athletes from across the 71 nations of the Commonwealth had an opportunity to test their anti-doping knowledge by taking part in the renowned Play True Quiz. Athletes also displayed their commitment to clean sport by signing the WADA Pledge.

“The response to the WADA Outreach booth in Glasgow has been tremendous, and amazingly positive from all those who have taken part,” said Vanessa Reid, JADCO’s Director of Communication and Education.

“It is important that not only athletes are aware of their anti-doping rights and responsibilities, but an athlete’s coach, parent or other member of his or her entourage, too. It has been great to see so many members of athletes’ entourages take part in the Outreach activities in Glasgow.”

“My colleagues and I representing WADA’s Outreach initiative have been on hand to drive awareness of anti-doping, and the response from the athlete community has been excellent.”

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