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Oman Anti-Doping Committee organizes awareness exhibition

2015-01-15 10:25:00 OCA

14 Jan 2015 - Muscat, Oman: Oman Anti-Doping Committee organized an anti-doping awareness exhibition as part of its plan for this year aimed at educating and keeping all segments of the society aware of the risks of doping. Held at the Grand Mall Muscat and releasing many publications on doping, their hazards and how to avoid them, the inaugural ceremony was presided over by His Highness Dr. Fahd bin Al Julundi Al Said, Assistant Secretary General of Scientific Innovation Development at the Scientific Research Council, in the presence of His Excellency Dr. Sultan bin Yaarub Al Busaiai, Chairman of Oman Anti-Doping Committee.

The exhibition was part of the objectives and roles of Oman Anti-Doping Committee to raise awareness of the youth and society on the need to combat doping in sport and their harm on individuals and society at large.

“The idea of the exhibition comes as part of the activities and programs of Oman Anti-Doping Committee with a view to raising the awareness of the Omani society and sports community in the Sultanate on doping and the risks they pose to public health and society, how to combat them and deliver correct information through anti-doping publications and brochures.

We have always sought to be in the heart of the society, and for this reason we take much interest in organizing such exhibitions in more than one location together with other various activities in order to provide full knowledge about the negative impact of doping,” said His Excellency Dr. Sultan bin Yaarub Al Busaidi, Chairman of Oman Anti-Doping Committee.

Sultan Al Busaidi added that the Sultanate of Oman would host a meeting of the GCC and Yemen Regional Anti-Doping Organization in April as the Sultanate now chairs the current session. The Organization holds its meeting on an annual basis for consultation and review of the latest developments in the anti-doping program.

Oman Anti-Doping Committee embarked upon preparing for this meeting well ahead of schedule. The meeting will also involve several anti-doping awareness activities and programs and will review the major activities and efforts that have been made by Oman Anti-Doping Committee from its inception up to now.

The meeting will also focus on the international anti-doping regulations, international standards of prohibited substances and means in sports, updating of the list of such substances and means, national anti-doping programs, anti-doping violations and therapeutic exemption.

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