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Xiao Tian: no great changes in layout of winter sports

2006-02-16 11:41:00 COC Website

At a press conference given on February 15 in the Winter Olympic host city of Turin, deputy chef de mission of China Xiao Tian revealed that no great changes will take place in China's layout of winter sports in a short time. But the country will try to promote development in certain sports, he added.

According to Xiao, China has at present some strength in such sports as figure skating, speed skating, short track speed skating and freestyle skiing (aerials) but still lags far behind in most skiing events, which account for two-thirds of the winter sports, due to economic conditions.

He also mentioned the sharp contrast between China and other countries in winter sports development. In European and North American areas where winter sports are quite popular and well developed, he noted, millions of enthusiasts throw themselves in winter sports, while in China, the number of skiers engaged in some events is merely two to three hundred. He then cited the giant slalom for example. He described the winning of the event by China now would be a mission as impossible as winning the World Soccer Cup. However, he added, with the improvement of the nation's economy in the future, China will consider developing such events as curling and half pipe.