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Baiyun New Town to have 13 parks by Asian Games

2009-02-10 09:43:00 GAGOC

2009-02-09 - Municipal authorities have earmarked more than RMB 1 billion for infrastructure development in the Baiyun New Town over the next two years leading up to the Asian Games in 2010. Among the infrastructure projects planned is a new park, the Baiyun Park, in the center of the Baiyun New Town, plus a "Soaring Park" south of the Baiyun Park. Upon its completion, the Baiyun New Town will contain 13 parks and have a green rate of 50 percent.

Under its urban design refinement scheme, the Baiyun New Town will be built in sync with the redevelopment of urban villages. As such, 1.23 million square meters of housing in Xiaogang Village in the western part of the town will be torn down. Upon its completion, the new town will contain six residential communities, including the Huangshi, Yunshan and Xiaogang Communities in the north, and the Airport, Chuangyi and Keziling Communities in the south.

The development design for the Baiyun New Town covers community development, housing construction, redevelopment of urban villages, improvement of the ecological environment, and refinement of cultural and historical sights, and upgrading of municipal infrastructure. The redevelopment of Xiaogang Village has been listed as a priority project in the design. Under existing zoning, the Baiyun New Town will have three city-level parks each covering more than 20 hectares, two community parks each covering 10 to 20 hectares, and eight neighborhood parks each covering about two hectares.

At present, the Baiyun New Town is home to two major landmarks, the Baiyun International Conference Center and the Guangzhou New Stadium. The town's existing zoning includes a number of new buildings, including the Exhibition Center, the Guangzhou Academy of Painting, the Guangzhou Museum, and another major building.

(Source: english.gz.gov.cn)