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SPORT WORLD NEWS - The Games of records and challenges

2009-06-29 10:12:00 AIPS

The Opening Ceremony is performed on June 26, 2009 in Pescara, Italy

PESCARA, Italy, June 27, 2009 - " YES WE CAN” – with that phrase Mario Pescante, Special Commissioner for the Italian Government and for the past months head of the Organizing Committee of the 16th Edition of the Mediterranean Games, winded up his main address to the full-house capacity at the Stadio Adriatico in Pescara. The people of Abruzzo present for the Opening Ceremony at the night of Friday 26th July won another battle as they braved the heavy rain which for two hours prior to the opening as they cheered and enjoyed the spectacular Opening Ceremony with the theme “ The Mediterranean – One Sea – One Dream”.

The feelings of those present went back to the Abruzzo earthquake disaster as the Italian Flag entered the stadium carried by members of the Special Forces who were the first to arrive in L’Aquila. The Opening Ceremony was a mixture of the Mediterranean Culture from the D’Annunzio epoch back to the culture of the ‘Warrior of Capestrano’.

Fabrizia d’Ottavio and her artistic gymnastics team gave a tribute to the Games’ sports.

The parade of athletes gathered 24 countries of the Mediterranean from the three continents and as Mr.Amar Addadi – President of the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games and Dr.Jacques Rogge – President of the International Olympic Committee addressed the athletes , officials and spectators the 16th Mediterranean Games were declared open by Dott. Schifani for the Italian Government in the presence of distinguished guests including Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Prince Albert of Monaco .

The highlight was the water ceremony which has a strong link with the Mediterranean. On the 25th June the journey of the water started from the 99 Cannelle Fountain in l’Aquila and as a symbol for the challenge for the future it was Romina Carrozzi together with her daughter Giorgia who was the first born child hours after the l’Aquila earthquake.

Eros Ramoazzotti’s main stage performance of ‘L’orizzonte’ – the horizon , also dedicated to the inhabitants of l’Aquila ended up a day to remember for those who attended the 16th Mediterranean Games Opening Ceremony.

PESCARA, 27 June, 2009 - The Mediterranean Games in Pescara are not only the Games of records as far as countries and athletes participation is concerned. For the Accredited Media, the MPC and the IBC at the Stadio Adriatico, are a hub of activity.

The Organizing Committee and the Media Department under the management of Marco del Checcolo and Simona di Carlo these days has been catering for most of the media requirements. Besides having a seating capacity for 100 journalists including two meeting rooms and hospitality area, the MPC is providing as well free internet access and fax facilities to those accredited.

Todate there has been a record number of accredited media with 485 journalists from all over the world and 615 journalists from Italy. These include also leading television stations as well as 60 photographers.

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