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Pescara 2009 - a sea of white planned for closing ceremony

2009-07-05 21:38:00 AIPS

PESCARA, July 4, 2009 - As the recent updated statistics show a further influx of spectators in the various venues around Pescara and Chieti , addressing the international media, Pescara 2009 Director Mario di Marco informed that the football final match between Italy and Spain will be held on Saturday at 9 p.m at the Adriatico Stadium instead of being played on Sunday as scheduled originally.

Details about the Closing Ceremony due to be held on Sunday July 5 were given by Dott.Mario Pescante, head of Pescara 2009 Organizing Committee where emphasis was made on the elements of culture, tradition and sport.

The Closing Ceremony will be directed by world renowned artist Marco Balich who also catered for the impressive Opening Ceremony. Balich explained that the main element will be white and as the Closing Ceremony will be held in the main streets of Pescara, those attending will be asked to dress in white.

The Ceremony will be totally different from the traditional ones as athletes and officials will parade along Piazza Salotto the heart and core of activity of Pescara. The march past of athletes from 23 countries will be followed by the traditional protocol and handing over of the Games' flag to the Mayor of Volos who will be organizing the Games in 2013. The event will be presented by Francesco Giorda and Sphien Lheureux which tenor Piero Mazzocchetti will be presenting arias ferom his repertoire.

As everyone proceeds to the sea for one feast in the Mediterranean waters, as everyone is dressed in white, the darkness of the night will be illuminated by the presence of thousand of athletes and inhabitants of the city.

For those who brave the night, world known DJ Albertino will be providing the music.