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Asian Games volunteers training programme launched

2009-07-14 09:31:00 GAGOC

Guangzhou, July 11 – The first batch of volunteers for the 16th Asian Games has undergone training to gain service skills here in Guangzhou. It is known from Xinkuaibao Newspaper that 250 volunteers attended the training and they are to be instructors for Asian Games volunteer training upon their successful graduations from the training courses.

This was the first time to hold training concerning with volunteering expertise across the city since the Asian Games volunteer recruitment was officially launched in April. Among 250 attendees, the majority of them were picked up from more than 130,000 applications while the rest were volunteer training instructors selected from different districts and areas of Guangzhou.

It has been told that the difference between one volunteer training instructor and one volunteer lies in the fact that the former gives instructions for the latter on how and what to do as an excellent volunteer.

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