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Asian Games volunteer messengers visit Filipino city Cebu

2009-07-14 16:32:00 GAGOC

Guangzhou, July 13 – 130 Asian Games volunteer messengers travelled to Cebu of Philippines through chartered flights, tapped to promote the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou with the sincerely invitation to the Games, based on source from Guangzhou Daily.

This is the first time that the Asian Games Volunteer Messengers takes chartered flights to its destinations along its mission to promote the Games since the 500-day countdown.

Cebu is a kaleidoscope of varying cultures and lifestyles, a meeting of east and west, a fusion of things traditional and modern.

As news reported that local government from Cedu greeted the Asian Games volunteer messengers with spirited welcome and a grand welcome ceremony was held for the coming guests.

Each Asian Games volunteer messenger brought with them an invitation letter to the Games addressed by Mayor of Guangzhou Zhang Guangning, which was expected to send to the local officials and residents.

The Asian Games Volunteer Messengers schedules to send 100,000 citizens to more than 100 cities across the world to promote the Games.Along with the Asian Games Volunteer Messenger Campaign, many other volunteering activities would be initiated as well. For example, a contest for photos taken and diaries written during Asian Games volunteer messengers' tours would be held.

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