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Measures issued to prevent dengue fever during GZ Asiad

2009-07-15 17:27:00 GAGOC

July 15, 2009 - Guangzhou, July 10 -The Guangzhou Centre for Disease Prevention and Control officially issued on its website the Draft Programme on the Prevention and Control of Dengue Fever during the Guangzhou Asian Games. Under the Draft Programme, any case of dengue fever, once discovered, should been be made public directly via the internet; a passenger health registration system will be applied to varied transport systems such as the railway, highway and civil aviation networks for those traveling between overseas dengue fever-affected areas and Guangzhou; the Games-related stadiums and other sports facilities, national entry and exit points will be locations for monitoring with top priority; a dengue fever epidemic may be deemed over if there is no further incidence 25 days after the last case was found.

In addition, the City Bureau of Health will conduct four citywide inspections for the prevention and control of dengue fever later this year, in early May of 2010 and in late September of 2010.

It is outlined in the Programme that as Guangzhou is located in a tropical and semi-tropical zone in South China, the potential spreading range of the disease and the distribution of its transmission media - the white-striped Aedes mosquitoes - are quite extensive. Dengue fever is one of the major communicable diseases covered in Guangzhou's control effort. During the Asian Games, the expected huge influx of athletes, spectators and tourists from all parts of the world may result in the import and spreading of dengue fever in Guangzhou City.

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