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Xiguan renaissance in Guangzhou Liwan District for AG

2009-07-15 17:28:00 GAGOC

July 15, 2009 - It was learned that Liwan District of Guangzhou is witnessing an environmental facelift of the old urban area. Before the opening of the Asian Games, what will be unfolded before the citizens' eyes will be "City Salons" that are most representative of the Lingnan traditional cultural features in the former Xiguan District (Liwan's pre-incarnation). The "City Salons" will comprise of the Litchee Bay (Lizhiwan) Culture Recreation Area and the Continental Europe Recreation Area, among others.

The Games-greeting Integrated Environmental Overhaul Programme now underway in Liwan District includes 105 projects in seven major categories, including integrated environmental transformation along the city's truck routes; comprehensive transformation of the old urban area; road and scenic construction projects around the stadiums and other sports facilities as well as around business, tourism and recreation areas; integrated environmental improvement in industrial zones, integrated improvement of the water environment; old town renovation projects and construction of the Bai'etan Economic Circle.

As for the transformation of the old urban areas, the Liwan authorities revealed that they would shape some "City Salons" that are characterised by Xiguan features - a major cultural tradition of Lingnan (aka Guangdong). Head of the Liwan District Government Zhou Yawei talked about the accelerated environmental improvement in the five major zones, namely, the Chenjiaci (Chen Clan Academy) Cultural Square, Liwan Culture and Recreation Area, Shamian Historical Culture Area, Shisanhang Commercial Zone and the Shangxia Jiu Pedestrian Shopping Street. "Through the renovations, the Four Areas and One Street will become an integrated culture, tourism and recreation zone that embraces tradition and fashion, classical and modern styles, local Lingnan flavour and international cosmopolitanism."

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