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Guangzhou expects to run all buses and taxis on LPG for Asiad

2009-07-17 14:04:00 GAGOC

July 17, 2009 - It was learned at the Municipal Construction Committee on July 14 that, in preparation for Asiad, Guangzhou is vigorously promoting the use of clean and environment-friendly fuels while building a rail transportation system. By next year, the 9,424 buses that run on 514 public transportation routes and 17,695 taxis in the city are all expected to use liquefied petroleum gas (also called LPG, a liquid natural gas) as fuel. This move will go a long way in reducing air pollution.

According to analyses, each LPG-fueled taxi will cost 5,000 yuan more than a gasoline-driven taxi due to the installed gas-burning equipment. With the ever growing pricing differences between gasoline and LPG, the latter commands a highly visible cost advantage. Regarding the cost-effectiveness factor, the pollution emitted by LPG-fueled vehicles is far lower than that by gasoline-fueled ones, with the former's emissions of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons cut by 90% and 50% respectively. Vehicle noise can also be lowered by 40%. The switch to LPG can also help reduce the discharge of cancer-causing substances such as benzene and lead.

To ensure optimum air quality in Guangzhou during the Asian Games, the government proposed earlier this year that all the 9,424 public buses that run on the city's 514 routes and 17,695 taxis in the urban area be fueled with LPG by 2010. As a parallel measure, the government will also increase input in the construction of LPG-filling stations. At present, nearly 30 such filling stations are found in the city. (Source: english.gz.gov.cn)

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