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2011 Guadalajara Pan Am Games mascots revealed

2009-12-02 09:05:00 AIPS

IJUANA, December 1, 2009 -The mascots that will be the image of the 2011 Guadalajara Pan American Games were presented today at the Plaza Andares Amphitheater. The model mascots representing a lion, an agave plant and a deer were welcome with great excitement and a thundering applause by spectators, most of them children.

During the event the creator of each of the three mascots were presented and awarded a check for MXN $33,333.00 each, in recognition of their creativity. The winners were Jose Luis Andrade, creator of the lion, Angel Barba Barrera, creator of the deer, and Fernando Sanchez, creator of the agave. Each of them received their recognition from the city's Interim Mayor, Juan Pablo de la Torre, COPAG's General Director, Carlos Andrade Garin, and COPAG's Marketing Director, Horacio de la Vega.

The mascots represent some of the most characteristics traits of the state of Jalisco. The lion represents the strength of the people of Guadalajara and which is part of the city's coat of arms and thanks to its strength it protects everything that Jalisco stands for. The deer represents the southern region of the state, alluding to its Huichol traditions and the female identity. The agave plant is the symbol that represents Jalisco worldwide since tequila is the most widely recognized from the state across the world.

"The logo appears in our corporate image and in our uniforms but, what represents us is the mascot and it reflects our state," said Andrade

Garin, who seemed very pleased with this presentation as one more step has been reached in the organization of the Pan American Games.

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