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2nd OCA-Technical Delegates Joint Meeting

2010-10-25 12:55:00 OCA

With the assistance of Mr. Zhang Jilong, Mr. Haider Farman and Mr. Vinod Tiwari from the Olympic Council of Asia, and technical delegates from 14 Asian sports federations, we have successfully hosted the 2nd OCA-Technical Delegates Joint Meeting today. Today’s meeting provided the opportunity for MABGOC’s functional areas to give updates on the progress of works in their respective programmes, and was a platform for discussion allowing the OCA and Technical Delegates to raise questions about the preparations.

Today’s meeting was held in addition to a site inspection and venue tour held yesterday, and we are pleased to announce the positive feedback we have received from the OCA and Technical Delegates.

The 2nd OCA-Technical Delegates Joint Meeting is a milestone for the 2nd Asian Beach Games Muscat 2010. As you know we are now 45 days away from welcoming all of Asia to our shores in celebration of Muscat 2010.

The time for us to celebrate together is drawing near!

MABGOC has presented an extensive update on the Sports programme of Muscat 2010 including in-depth information on the events, discipline and competition format and schedule. Athlete’s eligibility and entry conditions were discussed in full detail, as well as the competition and training venues.

It was important for us to cover MABGOC’s general policies and procedures to ensure competitions are held to the highest level, and the regulations by which we host Muscat 2010 are abided by in full.

Full responsibilities of the Technical Delegates were covered, as well as the expectations the delegates hold for the Muscat Asian Beach Games Organising Committee. Discussing and clarifying the roles and responsibilities of each respective party is a key factor in the success of any Games.

Full progress updates were given by the Venues, Games Services, Broadcast & Media, IT & T, and Marketing & PR, Athletes’ Village, Medical & Doping Control, Protocol, International Relations and Security functional areas.

Following the updates and open forum was held to discuss outstanding issues, concerns and to receive the response of the OCA and Technical Delegates.

I would like to personally thank you on behalf of MABGOC for the support you, the media, have shown in promoting and communicating information about Muscat 2010 to the community.

With your support we will continue to build the excitement that is growing for Muscat 2010 both locally and abroad.

By hosting the Games, we show Oman as a progressive, outward looking and hospitable part of Asia. Along with the experience gained from the 2nd Asian Beach Games, we will position our country as an ideal host for future international events. Your role in this endeavor cannot be understated and we thank you for being here with us today.

Together We Shine!

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