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Singapore sports festival celebrates YOG legacy

2011-08-17 15:08:00 OCA

16 Aug 2011, Singapore: The inaugural Youth Olympic Games in Singapore last August have left a strong sporting legacy in the form of the Singapore Youth Olympic Festival. The Singapore Olympic Foundation announced recently that the festival would be held at the Singapore Expo from August 13-19 in celebration of the first anniversary of the inaugural YOG in 2010.

The event has been organised by the Foundation in partnership with the Singapore Sports Council and will be held annually to promote the Olympic Spirit through the bonding of youths on a sporting platform. The event marks a new chapter in Singapore's efforts to ensure continuity in the Olympic movement.

Through the event, organisers hope to inspire Singaporeans to take up sport, embody and live up to the Olympic values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect. Foundation Chairman Ng Ser Miang said: “Singapore 2010 was a monumental and pivotal moment in Singapore's sporting history. The Youth Olympic Games presented an unprecedented opportunity for our youth to be involved in the Olympic Movement.

“In continuing that legacy we are pleased to present the Singapore Youth Olympic Festival where our youths can once more come together to celebrate the spirit of youth, sport and the Olympic education.

"The Festival also presents a unique opportunity for future Singapore Young Olympians and national athletes to compete on the international stage in an environment that is similar to the Asian Youth Games and the YOG."

This year's inaugural festival is organised in conjunction with the Community Sports Competition and offers a host of different activities open to the public such as badminton, table tennis, taekwondo, 3-on-3 basketball or 5-a-side football.

Sport enthusiasts can choose to take part in any of the three main age categories: Youth (13-16 years), Open (17 years and above) and Masters (40 years and above). (Source www.snoc.org.sg)

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