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Natanya: RADO Conference is key to communicate among RADO's

2012-01-29 09:30:00 OCA

Natanya at the 2nd RADO Conference.

25 Jan 2012, Kuwait: Natanya Potoi, Oceania RADO Administrator, believes the RADO Conference is the key to communicating in person among the 15 RADOs in the world. “The most important thing for me here is meeting people in person, seeing the different personalities and cultures,” Natanya told ocasia.org at the 2nd RADO Conference in Kuwait, organised by WADA with the cooperation of OCA.

“Being able to find common ground for the work we do and to share information on how to help each other is very important. I may have something useful that I’d like to share with others and, in return, I could also get something useful from others.”

Natanya also explains her work in Oceania. She said: “Officially there are seven members in Oceania RADO but the number is likely to increase in the near future. Currently in the region, not including Australia and New Zealand, we have 15 National Olympic Committees from a total of 22 countries.

“I work with all of them but currently Oceania RADO’s priority is working with the 15 countries with NOCs before we can officially represent the other seven. We work closely with each other and build a balanced relationship.

“There are seven countries currently paying for RADO’s operation but it doesn’t mean we won’t work with the others who have yet to become RADO members.”

On her visit to Kuwait, Natanya said: “It is my second time to visit Kuwait. I love the hospitality here in Kuwait and there is so much food, which is all part of the hospitality.”

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