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London Olympics update: Iran

2012-06-01 12:08:00 OCA

31 May 2012, Tehran, Iran: Iran's National Olympic Committee is calling on Iranian nationals living in Britain to join its official supporters’ club and encourage Iranian athletes during the Olympic Games in London. While the athletes have been training hard to excel in the London Olympics and win as many medals as possible, the presence of Iranian spectators in the competition halls could also help the athletes improve their performance, says a report on the official website of the NOC of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Accordingly, in a bid to organise the supporters of Iranian athletes at the Olympic Games, the NOC is asking Iranian nationals living in London or planning to attend the events to send their personal information - including name, age, contact number and email addresses - to Olympic.iran@yahoo.com.

The move is aimed at mobilising widespread and orderly support from the Iranian people during the Olympic Games, which will take place from July 27 to August 12. The club will establish its office in London during the Olympic Games. Additional information and details of the club will be sent to the supporters of Iran's national teams.

Moreover, the Iranian people living across Britain, particularly London, can find more information about the club and contact details on Iran's NOC website. (Source: www.olympic.ir)  

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