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Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee's athletes commission incorporates IOC Athlete Career Programme

2013-04-22 10:17:00 OCA

Chinese Taipei Athletes Commission with IOC ACP lecturer P. Glennon (R-3)

20 Apr 2013, Taipei: An inaugural workshop was held today by the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee’s Athletes Commission in conjunction with the IOC Athlete Career Programme (ACP) to pave way for the 1st Chinese Taipei Athletes Career Guidance Workshop, which will be held on 21 April 2013. The purpose of the workshop was to train ace trainers for future athlete career guidance programs.

Chairman of Chinese Taipei Athletes Commission, Chih-Hsiung Huang, who was a Taekwondo silver medalist in 2004 Athens Olympic Games and bronze medalist in 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, chaired the workshop. Mr. Kevin Chen, Secretary General of Chinese Taipei NOC, and EB member of OCA, witnessed the inaugural workshop.

The ACP presentation was made to Chinese Taipei Athletes Commission Members by Mr. Patrick Glennon, lecturer of the IOC ACP, Senior Vice President of Adecco. Excerpts of the presentation will be presented again in the Guidance Workshop the next day to local elite athletes and university students.

Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee plans to host a 2013 Chinese Taipei Athletes Career Seminar in November 2013, with a series of the Guidance Workshops preceding the Seminar. This was the inaugural, ie, the first workshop of the kind.

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