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2014-09-17 09:30:00 IOC



Even if 10 September marked his first year as IOC President, it was business as usual for President Thomas Bach, with Olympic Agenda 2020 and other meetings in Lausanne, then a trip to Bucharest for the centenary of the Romanian NOC.

President Bach and Ronald K. Noble of INTERPOL. ©IOC/Christophe Moratal

At the beginning of the week, President Bach met Secretary General of INTERPOL, Ronald K. Noble, to advance collaboration on the protection of sport from match-fixing and corruption. The discussions focused on the parameters of collaboration to be implemented in the coming years. The main areas of focus are awareness-raising of the risks related to the manipulation of competitions, intelligence gathering, the conducting of investigations and prosecution procedures. For President Bach, “Protecting the clean athletes from all forms of corruption and manipulation is our top priority. Our increased collaboration with INTERPOL serves to safeguard the integrity of sport. We are very satisfied with the determination being demonstrated by INTERPOL to team up with the IOC in this fight for the clean athletes. Together we continue to call on all governments, police authorities and betting regulators to join us.” The Secretary General of INTERPOL added: “Our joint action against threats such as illegal and irregular betting will help underpin confidence in fair play by the public and all those who have a stake in keeping sport clean and safe. The role of INTERPOL is to ensure that the rule of law is respected; the role of the IOC is to ensure that the rule of sport is respected. So it is a perfect marriage.”

President Bach and Lambis V. Nikolaou paying tribute 
to Pierre de Coubertin. ©IOC/Christophe Moratal

On 11 September, President Bach and the members of the IOC Culture and Olympic Education Commission, chaired by Lambis V. Nikolaou, placed a wreath on the grave of Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympic Movement, at the Bois-de-Vaux cemetery in Lausanne, in tribute to the legacy and vision of the French nobleman. “Coubertin was a man of both vision and reform. He was always looking at new ways to achieve his goals and always open to different cultures of sport. He knew how to create unity through diversity”, President Bach said at the ceremony.

(from L to R) Traian Băsescu, Thomas Bach, Alin Petrache
 and Patrick Joseph Hickey. ©Pascal Pamfil/Romanian NOC

The following day, President Bach flew to Bucharest, where he joined Romanian Olympians, members of the NOC and Romanian President Traian Băsescu for celebrations marking the centennial of the Romanian NOC in the country’s capital. During the ceremony, President Bach was awarded the Golden Olympic Necklace of the Romanian NOC.

President Bach talking to the Romanian Prime Minister. ©Gov.ro

On 13 September, President Bach met the Romanian Prime Minister, Victor Ponta. The two leaders discussed the crucial role of sport in education. The Prime Minister, a huge sports fan and former basketball player, talked of the neglect of sport in schools, and said that it was crucial for future generations to invest in sport as part of the curriculum. President Bach underlined the qualities that playing sport can bring to young people: self-reliance, team spirit and a sense of equality and universality. He then visited the NOC headquarters before returning to Lausanne the same day. Accompanying President Bach were IOC Executive Board member and President of the European Olympic Committees, Patrick Joseph Hickey, IOC member in Romania Octavian Morariu, Romanian NOC President Alin Petrache and NOC Secretary General Ioan Dobrescu.

This week in Vidy, the IOC President has met the President of the Nicaraguan NOC, Emmett Lang Salmerón, and NOC Executive Secretary Jose Luis Huete; Spanish NOC President Alejandro Blanco; the President of the International Olympic Academy, Isidoros Kouvelos, accompanied by his wife, Dora Bakoyannis, former Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs and a Member of the Greek Parliament; and a delegation of European supreme court judges, who were visiting The Olympic Museum.

President Bach also met IOC Executive Board members Gunilla Lindberg and Uğur Erdener, and IOC members Franco Carraro, Prince Albert II of Monaco, Lambis V. Nikolaou, Nat Indrapana, Reynaldo González López, Philip Craven and Lydia Nsekera, to discuss various matters including the Olympic Agenda 2020.

Honorary President

Honorary President Rogge and Olegario Vázquez Raña. ©ISSF

At the 51st International Sports Shooting Federation (ISSF) World Championship currently being held in Granada (Spain), IOC Honorary President Jacques Rogge was presented with an ISSF diploma and trophy by ISSF President and IOC member Olegario Vázquez Raña.

Princess Haya Al Hussein, who is also President of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI), has been made an Officer of the Legion of Honour, France’s highest distinction. She was presented with the insignia by Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius at a ceremony held in Caen (France), which was hosting the 2014 World Equestrian Games, in the presence of more than 100 guests and international media representatives.

Several commissions have met in Lausanne this week to discuss and make their contributions to Olympic Agenda 2020. The IOC President addressed the members of each commission at the start of the meeting.

©IOC / Christophe Moratal

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