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2014-10-23 10:26:00 IOC


(From L to R) Mohamed Yamani, Mohamed 
Tahmiand Mustapha Larfaoui. ©Algerian NOC

On 11 October in Algiers, the Algerian NOC celebrated the 50th anniversary of the country’s first Olympic participation, at the 1964 Games in Tokyo. On this occasion, gymnast Mohamed Yamani, the flag-bearer for the first Olympic delegation, was honoured by the NOC, in the presence of numerous personalities including IOC honorary member Mustapha Larfaoui. The National Olympic Order of Merit was awarded posthumously to Smail Khabatou and to the Sporting Press Agency, the ENRS (Algerian radio) and ENTV (the national television company). On the same day, the new headquarters of the sports dispute resolution court (TARLS) was opened in the presence of the Sports Minister, Mohamed Tahmi; the Chairman of the National Magistrates Union, Djamel Aidouni; NOC President Mustapha Berraf; former NOC presidents; Olympic athletes; representatives of various state institutions; and national sports federation presidents.

Brazilian taekwondo coaches taking part in the course. ©Heitor Vilela / Brazilian NOC

For a week until 21 October, the Team Brazil Training Centre in Rio de Janeiro is hosting the first international course for the country’s top taekwondo coaches, organised by the Brazilian Coaches Academy (ABT). The main course leader is Spain’s Ireno Fargas, regarded as the world’s greatest taekwondo champion, with 16 Olympic and 97 world medals. The course is an initiative of the Brazilian Olympic Institute, the educational arm of the Brazilian NOC. The aim of the ABT is to complement, through high-quality educational activities, the professional training of high-performance sports coaches and thus effectively help Brazil to obtain positive results in Olympic sports.

Alejandro Blanco (L) and Eleuterio Fernández Huidobro. ©Uruguayan NOC

Spanish NOC (COE) President Alejandro Blanco and the Uruguayan Defence Minister, Eleuterio Fernández Huidobro, have signed a cooperation agreement covering the training of members of the Uruguayan armed forces. The COE undertakes to make its sports-related competences available to the members of the Uruguayan armed forces to help improve and expand their training.

Spyros Capralos (L) and Leri Khabelov. ©Georgian NOC

In Tbilisi (Georgia), a cooperation agreement was recently signed between the Hellenic NOC and the Georgian NOC. The two NOC presidents, Spyros Capralos and Leri Khabelov, signed this agreement, which will strengthen the cooperation between the two organisations.

Some of the Mongolian athletes at the 
1964 Games in Tokyo. ©Mongolian NOC

At its headquarters in Ulaanbaatar, the Mongolian NOC commemorated the 50th anniversary of its first participation in the Summer Games, in 1964, which saw 35 Mongolian athletes take part. On this occasion, NOC President D. Zagdsuren and the Vice-Minister of Sport, M. Tumenjargal, presented Olympic participant pins to 16 of these athletes, today aged between 70 and 88. All those attending the celebration then helped to plant 100 trees as a tribute to all the country’s Olympians and medallists.

The Nigerian NOC has just informed us that Ide Issaka has been elected as NOC President. For his part, Youssoufou Ahmadou Tidjani has been elected Secretary General.

Celebration of the 90 years of the Peruvian NOC. ©Peruvian NOC

The Peruvian NOC commemorated its 90th anniversary by organising a national sports gathering at the new Peruvian Olympic Sports Museum at the National Stadium. Those attending included NOC President Jose Quiñones, NOC Secretary General and Olympic medallist Francisco Boza, NOC Vice-President Victor Puente-Arnao Fort and Olympic swimmer Rosario de Vivanco. On this occasion, the NOC presented commemorative plaques to Olympians Ricardo Duarte, Rosario de Vivanco and Ketty Baldwin, as well as to the NOC’s longest-serving staff, executive secretary Mercedes Huambachano and librarian Alcides Barrenechea.


Philip Craven and Satoshi Takeyasu. ©Panasonic

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has signed an Official Worldwide Paralympic Partnership agreement with Panasonic Corporation for six years and two months (until the Paralympic Games in Tokyo in 2020). The agreement was signed in Tokyo (Japan) by IPC President Philip Craven and Panasonic Corporation Executive Officer Satoshi Takeyasu.

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