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Tokyo 2020 reveals Creative Directors for Ceremonies

2018-08-06 11:25:00

Tokyo 2020 recently announced the key Creative Directors for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of both the Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as the Basic Plan that will serve as the blueprint for how the four Ceremonies will be laid out.

Mansai Nomura, who is a well known kyogen actor, will serve as the Chief Executive Creative Director for all four Ceremonies. In this capacity, Nomura will be in charge of creating and ensuring the overall theme is integrated into the Ceremonies.

In addition to his stage comedy and film acting, Nomura is an acclaimed director and producer both in Japan and overseas. His knowledge of both classical and modern Japanese arts was a key factor in the selection committee’s decision to cast him in this role.

Award-winning movie director Takashi Yamazaki has been appointed to the role of Executive Creative Director for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Olympic Games.

Meanwhile, Hiroshi Sasaki, who is known for his role as the Creative Director for the handover ceremony at the Olympic Games Rio 2016 Closing Ceremony, has now been named as the Executive Creative Director for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Paralympic Games.

Additionally, Tokyo 2020 named five Creative Directors for the Tokyo 2020 Games Ceremonies. They include movie producer and writer Genki Kawamura, creative producer Yoshie Kris, singer-songwriter Sheena Ringo, creative technologist Kaoru Sugano and choreographer MIKIKO.

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