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World Champion Felix Loch masters first step on his way back

2009-01-03 23:04:00


02/01/2009 - Königssee (pps) Germany’s World Champion Felix Loch mastered the first step on his way back to the Viessmann Luge World Cup. The youngest Champion ever in the History of the International Luge Federation won the Nation’s Cup and qualified for the World Cup race on Sunday (Starting time: 09.49 hours). Loch, who missed the first three races due to an injury at his shoulder, won in 47,570 seconds followed by Gregory Carigiet (47,849) from Switzerland and Austria’s Manual Pfister (47,857).

Germany’s Steffi Sieger won the women’s race. In doubles the winner were Ronny Pietrasik/Christian Weise from Germany.
(Credit: FIL)

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