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The Viessmann Luge WC boasted the best TV luge ratings

2009-01-07 09:27:00 GAISF

Almost 2.5 million TV spectators respectively followed the decisions in the women's and men's singles as well as the doubles' on the artificial track in Koenigssee. And even 3.13 million viewers watched the Suzuki Team Relay on Sunday on German TV (ZDF).

About 2.44 million spectators saw Armin Zoeggeler's 42nd victory on his 35th birthday which translates into a market share of 20,6 percent, the highest share for the sport of luge on the weekend.

An average of 2.36 million viewers watched the victory of Patric Leitner and Alexander Resch in the double-seater (market share of 16.6 percent), and about 2.24 million viewers followed the 13th success of Tatjana Huefner in the women's singles (market share of 15.2 percent).