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Elman wins Somali football championship

2011-04-25 10:24:00 AIPS

SFF president Said Mahmoud Nur presents the trophy to Elman FC captain Yasin Ali Egal.

MOGADISHU, April 23,2011 - Elman Football club on Thursday won Somalia’s 2010-2011 first division soccer championship, the largest tournament held by the Somali Football Federation, with three matches to go to complete their fixtures.

Thursday’s match between Elman and Banaadir Telecom was one of he hottest matches since the championship started in the capital late last year and it ended in a 1-1 draw, but that was also a golden chance for Elman who needed only one point to win the trophy.Banaadir was committed to wining, so that it could enter in the 3rd place of the championship.

Before that mach kicked off the president of Somali Football Federation Said Mahmoud Nur who addressed both teams urged them to show fair play.

In the early minutes of the match both teams launched consecutive attacks on each other’s goals, because each one was committed to winning and in the 30th minute of the first half Elman’s Sa’ad Saleh Hussein scored the lone goal for his team.

As soon as the ball went into Banaadir’s net, thousands of fans stood to celebrate for the beautiful goal.

The first half of the match ended i1-0 with Elman boys having the lead, but in the 66th minute of the second half Banaadir Telecom’s Nune Abdi Abti Doon scored from a free kick that rocked Elman’s goal net.

This goal changed the atmosphere of the whole stadium, as fans of SITT were also supporting Banaadir, as they wanted Elman to be beaten so that SITT may compete for the trophy if they win their match against Heegan, but that did not happen and Elman left with the trophy.

Somali NOC president Aden Hajji Yeberow, NOC first vice president and head of International relations Duran Ahmed Farah, SFF president Said Mahmoud Nur and his deputy Ali Said Guled jointly awarded the Jubilant Elman players and their coaches with gold, silver and bronze medals.

“This event gives the world a very clear signal about the huge job that Somali NOC and its member federations are doing in the country and that the continuing unrest is not deterring us from going forward” the Somali NOC president said praising the SFF for the consecutive activities.

Elman FC and senior National team captain Yasin Ali Egal were presented with the trophy one of the largest and the most beautiful trophy ever presented in Somalia in recent times.

“I say congratulations to you—this is the award of what you have been struggling for the past several months, I hope you will sleep with pleasure and thrill to night” The Somali Football Federation president said as he was presenting the cup to the captain.

SFF president added that next month a very large ceremony will be held in the capital where thousands of dollars will be presented to the three top teams of the competition. Also Elman’s striker Abdi Aziz Mohamed Ali will be awarded as the top goal scorer.

Under the leadership of the youngest ever coach in Somalia Yusuf Ali Nur, Elman has got the chance to represent Somalia in this year’s CECAFA Kagame Club champion which will kick off in Khartoum in June 21st this year.

This was the second major and historical success in less than 5 months for Somali Football Federation which held the regional soccer tournament in December last year. Despite lawlessness and armed confrontations in the country the even was the first of its kind ever held in Somalia because youths from 15 regions were assembled while only 8 regions used to take part in the regional event before the collapse of Somalia in 1991.

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