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The 12th day:Male Taekwondo player won the first gold medal

2016-08-18 19:24:00 COC

By Sportswriter Li Yingxue

Beijing, August 18, (Chinese Olympic Committee) --At the end of the 12th competition day of Rio Olympic Games, Chinese team won two gold medals and one bronze medal. In Table Tennis Men’s Team Final, Chinese team continued to defend the honor of national ball and won three successive championships at Olympic Games by beating Japanese team by a score of three to one; in Taekwondo Men’s Final 58kg, 21-year-old Zhao Shuai won the first Olympic gold medal for Chinese men’s taekwondo team. Sun Yanan won a bronze medal in Women's Free-style Wrestling 48kg.

Rio Olympic Games completed its last table tennis singles game. In the last and most important game Men’s Team Final, Chinese team beat Japanese team by a score of three to one after four rounds of fierce fighting. To be specific, in first round, Ma Long won two scores, though Xu Xin lost the single game with Jun Mizutani, he was paired with Zhang Jike and won the doubles game in third round, winning one score for Chinese team. Finally, Chinese team won three successive championships at Olympic Table Tennis Men’s Team Game and took all the four gold medals in table tennis games for another time.

At the first taekwondo day, Zhao Shuai, who participates in the Olympic Games for the first time, had a very strong performance and went all the way to the Final, as well as beat Thailand player Hanprab by a score of six to four in final and won the championship, thus, he became the first Olympic champion in Chinese taekwondo men’s team. In Women’s 49kg Class, defending champion Wu Jingyu successively lost to her competitors in 1/4 final and resurrection competition and failed to compete for medals and lost the chance to won three successive championships.

On wrestling game field, Chinese player Sun Yanan beat Kazakhstan player ESHIMOVA in the bronze-medal game of Women’s Free -style Wrestling 48kg Class in only 54s and won the bronze medal. In Women’s Boxing Semifinal 60kg, Chinese player Yi Junhua successfully beat her competitor and went to the final.

On badminton field, in Men’s Singles 1/4 Final, defending champion Lin Dan met Indian dark-horse player Srikanth and won the first round of game, however, the score was equalized later. Luckily, on the occasion of being down at the middle game which was deciding, he successfully turned the game around and finally won the game by a score of two to one. In semifinal, he will meet the experienced player Li Zongwei. In another Final Four, Chen Long beat Sun Wanhu by a score of two to one and he will compete with Denmark player Axelsen in semifinal.

Tonight Beijing Time, the 13th competition day at Rio Olympic Games will come. The competition for gold medal of Women's 10m Diving Singles will start. In qualifying competition, China’s two young players Si Yajie and Ren Xi respectively ranked first and second and successfully got to the semifinal. Women’s Badminton Singles Semifinal will also start. Li Xuerui will compete with Spanish ace Marin. Moreover, Chinese team will compete for the bronze medal both in Men’s Doubles and Women’s Doubles. Chinese women's volleyball team will also compete with Netherlands women's volleyball team that it once competed with in a team game, for a place in the semifinal. In addition, Lv Huihui will make a spurt towards the medal podium of Women's Javelin Throw.

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