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13th day:Chinese won gold and silver in women's 10m platform

2016-08-19 19:51:00 COC

By sportswriter Li Yingxue

Beijing August 19(Chinese Olympic Committee)-- During the Day 13 of Rio Olympics 2016, Chinese athletes won one gold, one silver and two bronze medals. Ren Qian and Si Yajie, two Chinese divers born after 1995, won gold and silver medals in the women’s 10m platform respectively. Ren Cancan has won a bronze medal in the women’s flyweight boxing. Zhang Fengliu has won the bronze medal in the women’s middleweight freestyle wrestling. The women’s volleyball team claimed a 3-1 victory over Netherlands in the semi-final round ending at midnight of local Rio time and thus has successfully entered the final round.

In the final round of the women’s 10m platform diving, Ren Qian, who was born in 2001, has performed well and won a gold medal with a total of 439.25 points. Si Yajie won a silver medal with a total of 419.40 points, which is the first time for Chinese diving team to grab both gold and silver medals in this competition. Ren Xi’s last three diving scores at least 9.5 points for each item, with more than 90 points in total for all her three diving. This gold medal made her the first Olympic winner born after 2000 in Chinese Olympics history.

In the women’s flyweight boxing’s semi-final round, Ren Cancan has claimed a 0-3 defeat by British famous athletes Adams, lost her entry to the final, and thus won a bronze medal. In the wrestling competition, Zhang Fengliu claimed a 3-1 victory over Belarus's Vasilisa and won women's freestyle 75kg bronze medal of Wrestling

The women’s volleyball began the semi-final competition. Our women’s volleyball team competed with Netherlands team which had defeated them before. After four struggling competitions, the Chinese team has claimed 3-1 victory and entered the final. The four competitions’ scores are respectively 27-25, 23-25 29-27 and 25-23. In the final, Chinese women’s volleyball will compete with Serbia for the first rank.

In the track and field, the men’s and women’s relaying team performed well. In the 4x100 metres relay preliminary, the men’s relay team consisting of Tang Xingqiang, Xie Zhenye, Su Bingtian and Zhang Peimeng ranked the second in the group with a result of 37.82 seconds. They directly entered the final and broke the Asian record of 37.92 seconds made by Chinese team themselves. However, the Japanese team broke the record with a result of 37.68 seconds in the second group preliminary. The women’s relaying team ranked 8th in the 4x100 metres relay preliminary and entered the final. However, in the second group preliminary, the American’s appeal for failing the relay due to dropping the stick has been successful and got the chance of racing. They defeated Chinese with the result of 41.77 seconds. Chinese team’s two times of appeal have not been successful, so they could not get access to the final. In the 200-metre final, the Jamaican Flash Bolt has easily won a gold medal with a result of 19.78 seconds. After getting gold medal for three consecutive times, Bolt has won his 8th gold.

In the badminton game, Li Xuerui was defeated by Spanish famous athlete Marin due to her injuries at the women single semi-final and lost her entry to gold medal. The women’s doubles and men’s doubles teams have failed to win a bronze medal. The Japanese team Matsutomo and Misaki has claimed 2-1 victory over the Danish team Pedison and Light. This is the first time for Japanese to win a gold medal in badminton.

At Beijing time, tonight Day 14 of Rio Olympics 2016 will start. Lin Dan ill compete with Li Zongwei for a space in the final round. The 37th competition between the two athletes will be shown. In the track and field, it is worthwhile to see China’s performance. At the women’s 20-metre race walking, the record-keeper Liu Hong will lead Lv Xiuzhi and Qieyang Shenjie to compete for the gold. In the men’s 4x100 metres final, Chinese team desires to compete with the Japanese team to get Asian records back and to win the medals.

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