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Closing Ceremony-game characters appear in eight-minute show

2016-08-22 19:15:00 Xinhuanet

By Sportswriter Li Yingxue

Beijing, August 22(Chinese Olympic Committee)--At 7:15 PM August 21 Local Time, the closing ceremony of the 31st Summer Olympic Games was staged at the Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro. Following an art show with Brazilian flavor, Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee, announced the closure of the Rio Olympics.

At the closing ceremony, athletes of all nations marched in amid singing and dancing. Ding Ning carried the flag for China. She claimed the table tennis women's singles and team titles to be crowned a "Grand Slam" winner, and became the first-ever flag bearer from the Chinese table tennis team.

At the end of the march-in, electronic music producer Kygo and singer-songwriter Julia Michaels performed the classic Carry Me. In an ensuing show, Brazilian dancers showcased Brazil's handicraft-"lace making", clay art and other features. Highlights of athletes in the 16-day event were presented in a video.

As Bach passed the Olympic flag to Yuriko Koike, mayor of Toyo, Tokyo's eight-minute show for the next Olympics began. The show was highlighted by the words "thank you" in different languages, and a video presentation featuring popular game, cartoon and animation characters such as Tsubasa Oozora, Doraeman and Super Mario. The high-tech and modern show ended in the words "See You in Tokyo".

"I'm the happiest man alive and the best place in the world is here," said Carlos Nuzman, president of the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee. He believed that the Rio Olympics will always be remembered by people, and was proud of his country, city and people. Bach hailed the Rio Olympics as "a marvelous Olympics in a marvelous city".

China fielded 416 athletes for 26 sports and 210 events, and finished in third place in the medal table with 26 gold medals, 18 silver medals and 26 bronze medals (70 medals).

Brazilian female singer Mariene de Castro sang beautifully when the Olympic flame was extinguished by the water from tropical rainforest. In singing, dancing and fireworks, the 31st Summer Olympic Games were wrapped up. In the coming six years, three Olympic Games-the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games, the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games will bring the Olympics to Asia.

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