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Bach receives award for "promoting peace through sport"

2018-06-11 10:27:00

International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach was awarded the SignsAward for communications for his ‘vision’ - during a gala event in Munich last night attended by several hundred guests.

The SignsAward is given to influential communicators from society, politics, the economy, culture and this time sport. Speaking at the event via video, former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said President Bach “was being recognised as a great communicator in promoting peace through sport”.

Ban Ki-moon went on: “It is quite extraordinary that, this April, the leaders of North and South Korea sat down at a table to start a dialogue for a peaceful future on the Korean peninsula. These talks are even more remarkable because it was the power of sport that opened this unique window of opportunity for a peaceful future on the Korean peninsula through complete de-nuclearisation. It was President Thomas Bach who facilitated the joint participation of the two Koreas at the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018,” said the former UN leader.

“In PyeongChang, both North and South Korea were united as one in the name of sport. It was a long and difficult negotiation process to realise a joint participation of the delegations from the North and the South. These negotiations lasted until just a few hours before the start of the Games. Both leaders of North and South Korea, together with all peace-loving people around the world, have acknowledged the passionate leadership of President Bach to bring the countries together,” he went on.

Ban Ki-Moon concluded by saying: “President Bach is a true bridge-builder and deserves to receive this honourable SignsAward tonight.”

This was the eighth edition of the annual Award.

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