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IPC announces four more doping cases in Athens
2004-09-27 09:51:00   Xinhuanet  


    ATHENS, Sept. 26 (Xinhuanet) -- The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) announced four more doping cases here on Sunday, bringing to seven anti-doping violation cases out of 529 tests carried out so far at the 12th Paralympic Games here.

    Estonian powerlifter Aleksandr Koroljov of 60kg category, 41, returned a positive result for his urine sample taken in an in-competition doping test. Traces of a diuretic agent, furosemide, a substance on the IPC 2004 Prohibited List, were found in the sample, the IPC said.

    The IPC decided to disqualify Koroljov from the Athens Games and impose a two years ban starting September 22, 2004, the day ofthe doping violation.

    Syrian powerlifter Youssef Cheikh Younes of 56kg, 41, returned positive results of his urine sample taken in an in-competition test, of two anabolic agents, stanozolol and nandrolone, both prohibited by the IPC.

    The IPC decided to disqualify Younes from Athens games, hand down a two-year ban on him and strip him of the bronze medal he won. The two-year sanction commenced on September 22, 2004, the day of the doping violation.

    Iranian 60kg powerlifter Ali Hosseini, 27, was disqualified from the Athens games for having his urine sample, taken in an in-competition test, found of traces of an anabolic agent, methandienone, a substance banned by IPC. He was banned for two years starting from September 22, 2004 and his bronze medal has been stripped.

    And, Slovenian B1-3 cycling tandem pilot Juraj Petrovic, 28, made a disgraced page in the Paralympic Games history as his urinesample taken in an in-competition doping test was found of a glucocorticosteroid, methylprednisolone, also an IPC banned substance.

    The Slovenian was disqualified from the men's tandem sprint (B1-3) final event at the Athens games. As a consequence his silver medal will be lost, but no further sanction would be imposed.

    The athlete, Vladislav Janovjak, 35, will also be disqualified from the and loose his silver medal, since it was a tandem event, IPC said.

    "This is the first time in a Paralympic Games that a guide or apilot has returned a positive sample in an anti-doping test. Thisis also the first anti-doping violation in the IPC cycling," said IPC Medical Officer Bjorn Hedman, at the daily briefing.

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