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DPRK accuses FIFA decision "unreasonable"
2005-05-07 08:53:00   Xinhuanet  


PYONGYANG, May 6, 2005 (Xinhuanet) -- The Democratic People¡¯s Republic of Korea (DPRK) on Friday condemned the decision taken by the Disciplinary Committee of the FIFA against the behaviors of Korean spectators, defining it as "an unreasonable one".

"If the FIFA Disciplinary Committee allows such partial refereeing to go on, this will cast a darker shadow on the development of the world soccer in the future," Cheyuk Sinmun ( Sports News) said in a commentary.

The committee decided on April 29 to hold the match between the DPRK team and the Japanese team in a stadium without spectators ina third country, instead of having it in Pyongyang on June 8 as scheduled.

"The committee has left a blot on its history by taking such an unjust ¡¯decision¡¯ against the DPRK team which took just actions while respecting rules concerning discipline instituted by the FIFA, " the commentary said.

The FIFA Disciplinary Committee defined the DPRK¡¯s spectators¡¯ behaviors at the match held between the DPRK and Bahrain, Iranian as "disturbance" or "commotion" in the decision.

"It lashed the Korean people into great fury because they deem the national dignity as their life and soul," the commentary said.

The commentary also condemned the committee more attentively listening to the "advice" made by Japan and not properly fulfilingits duty.

The commentary again demanded the FIFA Disciplinary Committee to sternly punish those who "partially" refereed the matches and applied sanctions against them. It also demanded the committee to reexamine the issues and "make a wise judgement for the development of football and the future of the FIFA".

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