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The Olympic Cauldron of Torino 2006
2005-12-22 18:00:00   TOROC  


Dec 21 2005 - A preview of the symbol that holds the Challenge and the Spirit of the Olympics
TOROC President Valentino Castellani and City of Torino Councillor for the Olympic Games, Elda Tessore have presented to the press, today, a picture preview of the Olympic Cauldron of Torino 2006.

One of the most important historical symbols of the Olympic framework, the role of the Cauldron is to protect and display the Olympic Flame during the Olympic Games. Since 1928 (the year when it was formally introduced), it has marked the beginning and the end of the Olympic celebrations and, in a perfect balance of symbol, design and function, it also allows the Host Country to express the culture, the spirit and the history of an entire nation.

The Cauldron will be run on methane gas supplied by Italgas, sponsor for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, in the role of Official Supplier. The President of Italgas Alberto Meomartini participated at the presentation.

The Torino 2006 Cauldron was designed by Pininfarina, who also ideated and engineered the Olympic Torch. The creative process was guided by the desire to represent in a single object the tension of the Olympic Challenge: five support columns will rise upwards with power and dignity, representing the values of the Olympic Spirit. In its rise towards the sky, the tension of sports will generate a twist of pure energy that will be transformed immediately into the Flame.

With its height of 57 metres (like a building of 20 storeys), the Cauldron of Torino 2006 will certainly earn the record as the tallest in the history of the Olympic Games. The overall structure features three "conci" - segments, rising respectively 31 metres, 15 metres and 11 meters. (the twisting part). The height of the Olympic Stadium is about 26 metres; therefore Torino¡¯s Cauldron will be visible from the entire city already at the top of the first segment, which will end 5 metres higher than the Stadium. The Cauldron will stand on five tubular structures with a diameter of 60 cm that will rise in a circumference having a 3 metre diameter. A sixth central tube will start from the base and arrive at the summit widening in the last 3 metres to give space to the burners needed to produce the flame, which will burn brightly to a height of four metres. The five outside tubes will twist in the final part and will be crossed by the central one.

The Cauldron will be positioned on the north-south axis of the Olympic Stadium, about 16 metres from the outside perimeter of the terraces. This position was decided after careful visibility studies conducted by TOROC in collaboration with K2006/FilmMaster, the company in charge of the production of the Olympic Ceremonies of Torino 2006.

With an ignition mechanism that will be kept secret until the last moment, the Cauldron of Torino 2006 will come to life next February 10th during the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games, and it will keep the Flame blazing until February 26th, when the Closing Ceremony will bring the XX Olympic Games of Torino 2006 to an end.

At today¡¯s press conference took part Paolo Pininfarina, CEO of Pininfarina Extra, Alberto Zambernardi, head of TOROC¡¯s Events and Ceremonies Dept., Ing. Nicola Bianchi, director of TOROC¡¯s Infrastructures and Constructions Dept.

Project production: TOROC - Project Supervisor, K2006 - Positioning Study, Pininfarina - Design, Horizon Three - Realisation of the Flame, Studio Ossola - Works Coordinator, Mazzi - Construction works, Cimolai - Production.

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