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South Korea files second legal protest over Norway's winning goal
2008-08-22 14:02:00   Xinhuanet  


BEIJING, Aug. 22 (Xinhua) -- The BOCOG revealed here on Friday that South Korea has filed a second appeal against the result of their women's handball semifinal against Norway after the first protest was rejected by the world handball governing body.

The South Korean Olympic delegation asked for Norway's winning goal in the 29-28 defeat on Thursday to be annulled and the match continued into overtime. But their demand was rejected by Disciplinary Commission of the International Handball Federation (IHF).

"The protest is refused, because the situation in the last second was a factual decision. The result of the match is confirmed by the Disciplinary Commission," the IHF announced.

According to BOCOG, South Korea has appealed against the Disciplinary Commission decision to the IHF Jury, the second IHF appeal authority. And the IHF Jury is still meeting and consulting for a decision.

South Korea lost 29-28 to Norway in the semifinal with a controversial last-moment goal.

Lagging behind 28-27 fifteen seconds before the buzzer, South Korea hurled in the equalizer with only six seconds on the clock. However, the Norwegians launch a lightning-like counter-attack. Center back Gro Hammerseng's beating all winner at the last moment left both teams bewildered in the court.

The South Korean squad insisted that the goal was netted in after the buzzer, and refused to leave the seats in sideline after referees endorsed Norway's victory. South Korean coach Lim Young-chul argued with judges on the matter for about half an hour before their departure.

Lim said after the match that video replay from South Korean TV showed the ball crossed the goal line two seconds after the fulltime buzzer. However he was pessimistic with the outcome of the protest because there was no such precedent.

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