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Women's Sitting Volleyball: Netherlands struggles to beat Ukraine 3-1
2008-09-08 16:41:00   BOCOG  


(BEIJING, September 8) -- The Netherlands struggled to beat Ukraine 3-1 (25-14, 23-25, 25-21, 25-19) in the Women's Sitting Volleyball pool B match at the China Agricultural University Gymnasium on Monday.

It was the first match for the Ukraine team at these Paralympics.

After a slow start, Ukraine played up to their level, challenging the lead of the Dutch team with attacks from Larysa Klochkova and Ilona Yudina.

The Netherlands responded with hits and blocks by Djoke van Marum and Petra Westerhof.

The Netherlands took the lead in the match, winning the first set 25-14, with Westerhof and Paula List leading the attack against the opponents.

The Ukrainian players defended more efficiently in the second set, blocking hits from the Dutch spikers. The Netherlands tried to vary their attack schemes and managed to keep up the score advantage.

Ukraine tightened their attack at the end of the set, matching their opponents at 17-17. They played point-by-point to 23-25, when Ukraine won the set with a block by Klochkova.

The Netherlands looked tired in the third set, missing the tenth player of the team, Jolanda Slenter-Weijts, who had to leave Beijing after the first match due to complications affecting her balance.

The Dutch team mustered up enough energy at the end of the set for a spike, an ace and two kill blocks in a row to snatch the set 25-21.

Three defense errors by Ukraine gave the Netherlands the last set 25-19 and their second win at these Paralympics.

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