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Rio 2016 Olympic Park primed for Paralympic Games

2016-09-07 09:51:00 Rio 2016

Synthetic grass has been laid over Court 1, converting it into a venue for football 5-a-side (Photo: Rio 2016/Alex Ferro)

The Rio 2016 Olympic Park has been carefully prepared for the Paralympic Games and is now ready to host another thrilling festival of sport.

The Games’ main competition cluster, located in the Barra da Tijuca district west of the city, has undergone a transformation, converting the site into a fantastic stage for the Rio 2016 Paralympic competitions.

In total, the events of the Paralympic Games will be held at 20 competition sites across four zones in the city of the Rio de Janeiro.  Of the Park’s nine venues, eight will be used by Paralympic athletes in 10 sports.

At the Rio Olympic Arena (below, bottom left), the Olympic gymnastics competitions will give way to wheelchair basketball, and the Future Arena (below pic, top centre) – formerly the stage of handball – will host goalball.

The Olympic Aquatics Stadium (below pic, top left) will be home to swimming.

The Velodrome (below pic, top left) will host the cycling track events.

Carioca Arena 1 (above pic, bottom) will host two wheelchair sports: basketball and rugby.
Carioca Arena 2 (above pic, second from bottom) will be the home of boccia.
Carioca Arena 3 (above pic, second from top) is for wheelchair fencing and judo. 

Besides wheelchair tennis, the Olympic Tennis Centre will also host football 5-a-side. Court 1 (below) has been covered in synthetic grass and turned into a special venue for visually impaired footballers.

Courts 2 to 9, plus the centre court (below, centre), will remain the domain of the tennis ball for the wheelchair tennis competition.

The live site (below) at the Park will continue to be a place for fans to gather and enjoy the sport on a big screen.


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